BDC Scaffolding

Mobile Towers

In addition to the traditional scaffolding throughout East Anglia, we offer a wide range of lightweight aluminium mobile towers. Providing robust working platforms that can be tailored to your needs. We offer both short term and long term deals for either site or home.

» Tube to tube joints makes frames lighter
» Integral ladders with 250mm rung spacing
» Frame horizontals with 500mm spacing
» Ribbed tubing for increased grip
» 3T – Through the Trap build method
» Two frame widths: 850mm and 1450mm
» 2 deck lengths: 1.8m and 2.5m
» Self closing trapdoors and windlock clips
» Safe working load of 275kg per platform
» Modular toe board system
» Braces locks colour coded
» Patented double action locking claws
» Floating spigots for easy assembly/dismantling
» 150mm trail/no trail locking castors

– All our staff are fully trained and can advise accordingly.
– Please call or email for info and prices or fill out our contact form online.