X Beam
This job was at Huntingdon Law Courts in Cambridgeshire.

Definitely not suited for those with a fear of height or vertigo sufferers, this was an extremely high job which was built so that roof works could be carried out.

On this occasion we used special X-beams (Pictured on the right). X-beams are a lightweight option in comparison to heavier, traditional steel beams. They also possess an incredible strength to weight ratio that essentially means less beams are required per job. This meant we could do a larger span, at a reduced time.

We spanned vents at ground level in order for us to build a scaffold platform that followed the roof detail up to 60 foot up in the air.

Although this job took a lot of time, and had to be done out of normal working hours due to the public and workings of the court we were happy to take on the challenge.

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